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Salesforce has broadly 7 different credentials for which you can get one or more certifications. These are as follows given in the blog.

Here are five major trends to keep on your radar as cloud computing gains popularity. While cloud computing continues to gain in popularity in a variety of applications, some strong trends are taking ground on a large scale. Here are five major tren

In the customer dominated era, CRM system plays an integral role in maintaining and accelerating the growth of a business. This is really difficult for Companies building highly interactive user-interfaces that can bridge the gap between businesses

When we talk about the term user-friendly, what comes to your mind? Obviously, something that is not difficult for the user to use? Now when we say a user-friendly Salesforce org it obviously means an org that is very simple for its user to use.

The cloud is a term that you will have heard be thrown about in some manner. Even those that don’t work in digital should be familiar with it, as, it’s everywhere now. Most modern mobile phones use the cloud for picture storage and the like. But, on

No doubt, you’ve heard quite a bit about cloud computing. But what exactly is it? And is it really better for businesses?

Salesforce Apex is designed to add business logic and a large amount of data so that controllers can be written in the MVC architecture.

Once you're introduced to the cloud you'll find a lot of advantages and disadvantages to using it. This article outlines them for you.

Automation is touted around these days and for many, the worry is that machines are just about to replace humans. Technology is certainly changing how Human Resources functions but will the department see the elimination of staff? Will HR become just one of those things that happen on an autopilot?

Blockchain and big data are very similar in one big way: it’s all about how you use them. Much like the Force in Star Wars, blockchain and big data are powerful tools that can be used to serve the dark or the good side.

The cloud is an increasingly popular tool for companies. Rather than keep data in on-site systems, companies put it in the hands of third-party cloud providers.

It has become a common practice for both big and small enterprises to run programs and store information on the cloud.There are several types of cloud storage such as Public cloud, Private cloud and Hybrid cloud solutions that are chosen...

Distributed computing, otherwise called 'on-interest figuring', is a sort of Internet-based processing, where shared assets, information and data are given to PCs and different gadgets on-interest.

For many businesses, cloud storage has become the new norm for storing and sharing files across departments.

Business applications are moving to the cloud. It's not only a trend—the movement from customary programming models to the Internet has consistently picked up energy in the course of the most recent 10 years.

Cloud computing is becoming one of the important areas for investment in India. Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Government sector, IT/ITes, Banking and Financial Services are contributing largely to the Cloud market in India.

Cloud registering and accumulating arrangements furnish clients and undertakings with different abilities to store and prepare their information in outsider information centers

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