Listview in Android

It provides multiple optional menus which are appeared on the screen and one can select it of their own choice. The content list appears as defined in the list. ListView, TextView is the control that is defined in the two different XML files.

Toggle Button In Android

• It is basically a checked/unchecked states when we generated an on/off event. • It is beneficial when the user change between two states. • It produces flashlight indicator when the state is on while off states nothing show such kind of behavior.

Checkbox in Android

By reading this article you will get to know about Checkbox Control which is used for taking data from the user in multiple ways.

Android Material Tab with Swipe View example

Android Material design is developed by google which functionality available in Android 5.0 (API Level 21) and above. Android Material design can be used in from Android 2.1 version with the v7 appcompat library.

Display Action Mode in Response to the User Action

Action mode allows the user to take actions on specific items in our user interface.

Displaying a Context Menu in Response of User Action

Android context menu appears when the user press long click on the element. It is also known as floating menu. Context Menu is a useful solution, particularly when we want to provide a list of actions based on an item click in a ListView.

Custom Media player in Android

Hi everyone in this article I’m explaining about Using Custom Media player in Android

Using the Otto Event Bus library on Android

Hi everyone in this article I’m explaining about Using the Otto Event Bus library on Android

Action Mode in Android

Hi Everyone I am explaining here about the Action mode in Android

Android resource selectors

In this article I am going to discuss about use of Android resource selectors.


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