6 office equipment which is overlooked for electrical testing!

The workplace is an area where all employees and employers spend most of their time.


Authentication in ASP.NET

Authentication is the process of obtaining identification credentials such as name and password from a user and validating those credentials against some authority. If the credentials are valid, the entity that submitted the credentials is considered

Preventing SQL Injection

In this blog I explained how to prevent Sql Injection in

Sql Injection

In this blog I explained about sql injection and illustrate some example to implement basic Sql injection.

Cross site scripting.

Hi..... In this blog I will tell you that what is cross site scripting and how to implemet some validation rule so that we prevent cross site scripting.

What is Cookie poisoning?

Cookie poisoning is a known technique mainly for achieving impersonation and breach of privacy through manipulation of session cookies

Implementing Cryptography by using MD5 algorithm.

In this blog I will describe you that how to encrypt data by using MD5 algorithm which is another powerful encrypted algorithm.

Implementing Cryptography in C#.NET by using SHA1 Algorithm.

In this blog I will describe you that how to use Cryptography in C# by using SHA1 algorithm for securing out data.


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