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6 office equipment which is overlooked for electrical testing!

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The workplace ought to be kept neat, clean, in order and all necessary equipment should also be present. What is more important is the fact that all the electrical appliances, devices as well as lighting should pass the electrical safety testing before usage.

With that said, while your employers may ensure electrical safety, the truth is that these 6 electrical items definitely need electrical testing and tagging so that they don’t harm a person, the building or the business itself.


Computers are one of the major items on an official list, be it laptops or desktop computers. The computers and the advanced technology both play a vital role in running any business as this two help get tasks done within seconds.

The computers, their wiring as well as their attachments should be inspected periodically for electrical errors. As soon as a professional tests and tags them, they will not only work better but will be much more durable too.

The Microwave

The office kitchen microwave-oven is everyone’s favorite, is it not? From warming up liquids and food items to making 2-minute meals, it can do all! However, what will all the employees do if it stops working?

Since the microwave ovens work via radiation waves traveling through water particles found in foods to warm them up, the fact is that if the radiation starts leaking, the microwave will be rendered unsafe for use as well as may not warm the food perfectly.


Projectors are usually found in the meeting rooms and they also require electrical safety testing. Since voltage variations are common, it is best that you get it tested on a regular basis so that it doesn’t harm any employee.


Lighting plays an integral role in all offices. Lighting requires testing as well as tagging. Lighting, specifically emergency lighting requires extra care. In case an unfortunate incident takes place and everyone needs to leave the building, the emergency lighting helps guide them towards the exit, towards the important fire safety equipment as well as the alarms.

The lighting needs to be tested for bulbs, batteries, for wiring problems or any physical damage to the boards.

All electrical power points

All the electrical outlets, power points as well as the internal wiring need testing by a professional electrical tester. The testing is required to make sure that all the outlets are safe for daily use without being prone to providing a serious electrical shock or an injury to anyone using it.

This test is usually known as earth loop impendence test. Since a sudden electrical glitch can prove to be fatal, it is imperative that the employers invest in this electrical safety test bi annually.

Fire Alarms

The fire alarms also need annual checks so that the authorities know they are in their optimum working condition and are perfect for any unforeseen future fire hazards.

Updated 24-Apr-2018

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