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  • An Insight into Oracle Database 12c RDBMS

    Oracle Database 12c is an RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) designed for both cloud use and on-premises and deployable on a choice of single or clustered servers....

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  • Key plays an important role in SQL or Oracle database. Generally it is used for defining a unique set of records. It also establishes the connection (link) between more than one table....

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  • In Oracle alter is command or statement that is used to perform a different type of operation in any database. Alter command mainly use for add a column, delete a column, modify a column and also rename a table in any database....

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  • A view in a database is a "virtual" table. It is created using scripts and stored in a structural form, but they are not stored as a data in any part of the database. It can be part or whole of an existing table....

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  • Types Of Join in Sql Server

    Join is use to combine more than two table to find result as per our need.Join is possible when there is one match in joining table....

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  • SQL Joins in SQL Server

    A SQL join is combines records from two or more tables in a relational database by using values common to each....

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  • In this article, I want to explain about SQL Keys such as PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, COMPOSITE KEY, and UNIQUE KEY AND ALTERNATE KEY....

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  • Working With BLOB(Binary Large Objects)

    A BLOB is a build-in data type supported by the database implementing SQL 99 alias SQL3 Standards. A BLOB is used to store large binary data ,such as bit images,audios,and multimedia clips as the column value in a database table....

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  • In this article I am trying explain the concept of JOINs using SQL Server....

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  • In this article I am trying to explain the concept of Cursor in SQL Server....

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  • Joins in SQL Server

    In this article, I’m trying to explain the concept of joins in SQL server and its types....

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  • These are some SQL Command which we can use in changing Table and Field according to requirement....

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