7 Easy-to-Execute SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Almost all businesses are banking on the power of the Internet to help them grow. This is completely justifiable since going online does bring about a lot of benefits. Even small businesses can find the boost they need by going online.

Going online, however, require a lot of effort. One of the things you’ll need to work on is search engine optimization. SEO will help make you easier to search by appearing on top of the results page when you search for keywords related to your small business.

To help you make the most out of your attempt at making it big online, here are 7 SEO tips that you can pull off with ease:

Ensure that your Site is Conversion-focused

It is essential that your site is designed to make conversions. This means that you make an effort to ensure that your site is capable of leading your potential customers to actually make a purchase.

To help you achieve these, you should be able to do the following:

  • Your site’s responsiveness across all devices should be ensured.
  • Make your content work for you. Great content can help give your potential customers the push they need to actualize a purchase.
  • Ensure that your value proposition is clear and that it is conveyed to your prospective customers. Capitalize on your unique selling points, and highlight what makes you different from the competition.
  • Be smart with the use of calls-to-action. You can make use of well-crafted CTA buttons to help lead your customers to your desired action.

Start a Blog

Integrating a blog on your site can actually do a lot of good. You can make use of blogs to present timely and helpful information to your customers. This can also help make you a trustworthy resource for topics related to your business. One of the top SEO companies in Canada suggests that being active on the creation of accurate and definitive content can also help make you be seen as a site that is worthy of being placed on top of the search results page.

Optimize your URLs

Your website’s URL should also be optimized to make it work for your SEO goals. The use of optimized URLs can help make your site easy to reach.

Some of the things you should remember when optimizing your URLs are the following:

  • Shorten your URLs
  • Make use of keywords that are location-based to help you be more searchable in your locality
  • It is a good idea to separate words within your URL with dashes.

Mind your Tags

When building a site for your business, make sure that you make proper use of tags. Each of the tags has its use and this should be understood well. Some of the most essential tags to be used are the following:

  • Title Tags – The title should really be given much attention as this is what would appear on the search engine results page.
  • Header Tags – Headings have a purpose on a page. H1 tags are the biggest and are what your site’s visitors would first come across when they go to your site. Just make sure that there is just one H1 tag per page.
  • Alt image Tags – It is also best to optimize images by putting keywords on the alt-image tags of related photos. Optimize your images can help users and web crawlers alike in understanding your pages.

Use good, relevant keywords

The keyword is about one of the basic things that should be done when optimizing your site. The art of keyword use for SEO no longer revolves around making unnaturally repeating keywords. Make use of well-research keywords, and make sure that you only use relevant ones.

Tone up your Content marketing

Content marketing plays a vital role in small businesses’ websites. New standards for content creation suggest that content should now be more on the longer side or what is called thick content. Otherwise, this should be on the blog. Thin content does not provide the results that thick content do.

Target Topics

Related to making use of keywords, you should make your site revolve around a central topic so that the whole site corresponds to a few keywords instead of many. Doing this can help make your keywords bring about better results. It’s also easier to maintain just a few working keywords, instead of having a lot to think about. With this, design your site to carry a theme that you can revolve on.


While it is true that the Internet presents small businesses with the unlimited opportunity for growth, a lot of work is required especially when it comes to search engine optimization. SEO, if done right, can really help make a business make the most out of their endeavor to go online. The 7 easy-to-execute tips above would definitely help your small business level up when it comes to going online and being out there.

  Modified On Mar-04-2020 01:14:01 AM

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