Monetizing your YouTube channel“If you are good at something never do it for free” hope you have read such meaningful lines earlier too. Now monetizing your YouTube channel is simple. By reading this article you will get to know how the whole process goes and how you can you set-up your account to start earning revenue from your YouTube videos. 

YouTube places ads within or close to videos. When you’ve enabled substantiation on your YouTube channel, your videos will be submitted and approved for substantiation. So as to earn the revenue that's generated from these ads, you may have to be compelled to associate in Nursing AdSense account together with your YouTube account.

For a video to be eligible, you need to own worldwide industrial rights to everything within the video. As an example, a video that options a song that you simply don't own the copyright for (e.g. a song you bought on iTunes) wouldn't be eligible. For additional info regarding copyright and enjoyment, visit YouTube’s Copyright Center. Additionally, to obliging with YouTube’s copyright policies, videos should abide by YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community pointers.

Monetizing your YouTube channel

The two key factors for earnings square measure the kind of ads and therefore the rating of the ads showing together with your videos. Pre-roll ads that lead to the start of a video create more cash per one thousand views than less obtrusive banners. You may create cash per ad click and a smaller quantity per reading.

Display of ads

Advertisements which are displayed together with your videos square measure determined mechanically supported a variety of things, together with, however, your video and video Meta information. Check that that video titles, tags and descriptions square measure SEO friendly for best results. Choose something catchy and attention grabbing which is also simple to search. It’s necessary to notice that you simply cannot manage all of the ads that will seem on your channel.

Getting Started: stepwise

To begin, log-in to your YouTube channel account.

In the Channel Settings tab, choose “Enable monetization.”

Filling up your dashboard, you can only claim for monetizing your YouTube channel if your channel has total views over 10,000. As per YouTube guideline, a channel must have 10,000 views then only the channel owner can claim for monetization.

Monetizing your YouTube channel

In the Uploads tab, you may see an inexperienced box with a dollar sign next to the videos that square measure like a shot eligible for substantiation. Videos that don't seem to be eligible to be monetized owing to copyright are going to be seen below the Copyright Notices tab.

Next, you’ll have to be compelled to associate in Nursing AdSense account to your YouTube channel. It's absolving to originate a brand new AdSense account. You may like either a PayPal or a checking account and a sound address so as to own your account verified.

AdSense can update you by mail once your account has been approved. You’ll additionally associate in nursing existing, approved AdSense account to your channel. For directions on the way to associate your YouTube and AdSense accounts, visit the Google support page.

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