Are You Using Facebook The Right Way?

Are You Using Facebook The Right Way?

Are you using Facebook the right way am not going to tell you why your business should be on Facebook? You already know that, but is your business benefitting from Facebook the way it should – yes, no, maybe.

Read on to find out for yourself. 

1. Reaching Out To Everyone:

Most of the businesses follow this philosophy of targeting more people to generate more traction and ultimately to earn more revenue. This is more wrong than right. Let me tell you how. So, you are selling formal dresses to women and your target audience is women in the age range of 18-60. The points that you should consider are : where are you selling it, if you are based out of Delhi and a customer orders from Chennai, will you be able to deliver? Do you think an 18 year old will strut around in college in fitted formal dresses or the 45 year old mother will be comfortable wearing them to work. I hope you got the gist. Reaching out to the right audience is very important. While selecting audience keep in mind these pointers – what you are selling, where you are selling and to whom you are selling. Do some research, analyse trends and then only start reaching out to your audience. This might seem cumbersome at first but in the longer run it will both enhance your reach and efficacy. 

2. Missing Information:

Who reads the about section of a Facebook page anyway, nobody is interested, Right? Well nope, your customers are interested. They want to know what your product is, what is your vision, your contact information, link to your website. Put in more time on your page – make sure that your page is up to date. 

3. Not Responding To Messages:

Do you know, 42% of the customers who complain on social media expects a 60 minute response time. So, regularly checking your messages is not enough, respond to them as soon as you can. It will not only make your customers happy but will also help your business. Since, Facebook mentions your response rate on top of your page. So, the faster you respond to your messages the better your response rate will be and more satisfied your customers will be. 

4. The Right Time & Frequency to Post:

There is a perfect time for everything – this saying stands true for your publishing habits as well. When to post and how often to post is imperative, but how do you know this? Well, a lot of studies say that the time around 5 p.m. is the best to post from Monday to Thursday. In the beginning, you can experiment with different timings and days just to see when you are getting the maximum engagement from your customers and then accordingly you can devise a calendar. Post too often and you will end up suffocating your audience, post too less and you will get drained from their memories. So maintaining a fine balance is also important. For small businesses posting 1-2 posts in a day is ideal. When in doubt always go for quality over quantity, this will help you in posting better. 

5. Ignoring Reviews & Feedback:

Ever heard of the saying – keep friends close and enemies closer? Follow this policy straight, when it comes to responding to reviews on your page. Thank every customer who takes out the time to write glorious review on your Facebook page, and it is just not limited to positive reviews and feedback. Negative feedback and comments should be taken in the same stride as positive feedback. After all, we learn from our mistakes. Be apologetic, sympathetic and concerned while responding. Lastly, do not just apologize take action. Otherwise your words will just be words.

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