Facebook’s latest feature: You Can Bring Government Representatives Right into Your Posts

Facebook has launched a brand new feature wherein you will be able to get members of the government directly involved with your posts. In other words, you will be able to hunt for and add the contact information associated with the relevant government official to the Facebook post.

The new feature appears to be one that hopes to bring government representatives within the reach of the populace, and will let the latter use Facebook as an open forum to conduct discussions with the said representatives. The feature can be deployed by individual Facebook users as well as page owners, so we are likely to see some interesting discussion threads pop up in the near future.

How do you use the feature?

Well, simply keep an eye out while using the compose window. Once you start writing something in the compose window, there is a feelings and activities section under contacting. You can use this to add an option wherein people would be able to contact the relevant authorities from within your posts.  You can attach the name, title, and a contact button for the relevant authority to your Facebook post.

This new feature is an enhancement to Facebook’s Town Hall feature with which, the company aimed to make it easier for concerned citizens to contact and keep in touch with different levels of bureaucrats and elected representatives as and when the need should arise.

With this new feature though, it is easier than ever to add in options to contact the authorities. And now, people who use the social networking platform to speak for or against a particular policy or action, will also be able to add in options for others to directly engage with the people responsible for the said policy or action.

This feature makes it easier for people with common interests to share their views with their elected representatives.

  Modified On Sep-07-2019 12:16:56 AM

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