Software learning Trends In 2017

The continuous updating of the software development industry keeps its constant march forward. In 2016, new releases of popular languages, frameworks and tools give us more power and a change in the way of our work. It isn’t an easy task to keep record of everything that is new, so we give you our take on what is important and what you should learn during the next coming months.

We’ll provide you with articles on various technology parts you can learn in present time. Here, it goes the first one. 

The Trends
Progressive Web Apps

There was a rise of the concept of Progressive Web App in 2016. It was like web applications that work offline and offer a native, app-like experience and UI. They can be added to your smart device’s home screen and can even send you push notifications, bridging the gap with native mobile apps and the website. We think that in 2017 PWA are going to become even more important and are well worth investigating. 

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The Bot Hype

Right now, almost everyone is talking about bots. From platforms for running them, to frameworks for building them, the community is buzzing with activity. Bots are the new mobile apps, and if you hurry up you can catch the wave while everyone is excited. When the traditional way will be out, bots will probably take place of some boring role such as automated customer support. But hey, we can dream! 

Consolidation of Frontend Frameworks

We had an incredible churning of frameworks and tools, in the JavaScript community, with new ones came into existence almost every week. Until recently, the expectation trend was that the old tools would just be replaced by the new ones, but this is not what we observed in 2016. Instead, we saw the popular frameworks exchanging ideas and incorporating the innovations put forth by newcomers. Now, the features of most of the frameworks are comparable, so, it won’t matter much which of the major JS frameworks you choose. 

The Cloud

“The cloud” is being embraced by Companies and developers around the world. Cloud computing is a virtualized computer infrastructure that is available on demand and fully configurable from a control panel. The big three cloud providers are AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. It has been costing some extra for services, but thankfully, prices have been falling due to their ongoing competition, bringing it within the budgets of smaller enterprises and individual developers. Familiarizing yourself with the cloud workflow would be a good investment for 2017. 

Machine Learning

From the last few months, Machine Learning (ML) has exploded in popularity. It entered into the mainstream with the historic AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol match in March. The way we interact with our mobile devices, our Smart computer systems learn from that raw data is revolutionizing. By the looks of it, ML will be an even bigger factor in 2017.

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