SQLite- Triggers

SQLite Triggers is a sql series of sql statements that are executed automatically to perform/invoked when a specified database event occurs, such as creation or updating record or deletion of record/table.

Glob operator of SQLite Database

In this blog we will learn about SQLite GLOB operator. GLOB operator is used for matching string values against patterns. GLOB operator works like ‘li

AND and OR Operators of SQLite

In this blog we will discuss about SQLite AND and OR operators are that are used to execute multiple conditions to narrow down the selected data in an SQLite statement. Both of these two operators known as conjunctive operators.


The DETACH DATABASE statement is used to detach and dissociate a named database from a database connection which was previously attached using ATTACH statement.


The ATTACH DATABASE statement allows you to attach multiple database file to the current database connection. The name that occurs after the AS keywor

SQLite - CREATE Table

In this article, we are going to discuss about creating the table using SQLite CREATE TABLE statement that is used to create a new table in any of the