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Cordova - Splash Screen

This plugin is used to display splash screen on application launch.Step 1 - Install Splash Screen PluginOpen command prompt window, type and run the f

Cordova - Network Information

This plugin provides information about device's network.Step 1 - Install Network Information PluginOpen command prompt window and run the following co

Cordova - Media

If you are building an app for a media website which has audio or video files to play, then you have to include the media player that will play all the multimedia files. Also it will be able to record the videos using native camera.

Cordova – Using InAppBrowser

There are links into the app that are sometimes need to be open, to open those links a mobile web browser is needed. A browser only can render the html files, so you have to include the In-app browser during the building of the app.

Apache Cordova- Globalization

The globalization plugin is used for getting info about user’s local language, date and time zone, currency etc. this could be necessary in order to e

Cordova- Dialog Plugin

This plugin will call platform native dialog UI element.Step 1 - Install Dialog PluginTo install this plugin, open the command prompt window and type

Cordova - File System

There are times when you have to use or manipulate file system manager through the app. You can integrate the file system into your app using the file System plugin in apache Cordova.

Cordova – Using Compass for Device Orientation

The smartphones have a built in small component called magnetometer, which can measure the Earth’s magnetic field. The information is then combined wi

Cordova - Using Accelerometer

The accelerometer is a built-in structure that manages tilt and motion of a device. It is also capable of detecting rotation and motion gestures such as swinging or shaking.

Cordova- Using Contacts in Your App

It is sometimes essential to use the contacts through the mobile app. You have to search for the contacts in the Contacts database. Apache Cordova has

Cordova – Displaying Device Info

When you are building an app that demands to check the information about the device, then you can integrate this plugin and make your work doneThis pl

Cordova – Camera Plugin

There istimes, when you have to use Camera in your app, then for this, you have to integrate it into the app using the Camera Plugin.This plugin is us