Case Study : Using Living Aids In The Home

Items to assist with toileting like a raised toilet seat, or fitting shower seats in the bathroom, have eased Jean’s pain and show the potential of living aids to help people with arthritis.

Mobility Equipment for Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis effects different people to varying degrees, but it is important to be aware that its impact is manageable in most cases. Using mobility aids designed to relieve the stress placed on certain key joints of the body is one easy step to consi

‘Ramping-Up’ A New World

James and his family committed themselves to making every adaption to their home available and remain on the lookout for more. They are making certain he is able to live as normal a life as possible even in the face of his new challenges.

Don’t Accept That Mobility Aids Have To Be Boring

Creativity is the key to turning boring mobility aids into something less dowdy. Taking steps to do this improves their image and in shows people the possibilities open to them.

Aids to Help Someone Rise from a Sitting Position

Being able to raise oneself from a sitting position to standing is something most people take for granted. When it becomes difficult, it can have a major impact on daily life.

Choosing Correct Equipment If You Have Limited Mobility

Choosing Correct Equipment If You Have Limited Mobility

There are many thousands of aids for the elderly which make a genuine difference to one’s quality of life.

Toileting Aids for the Elderly

Without the use of toileting aids, many elderly people would not be able to stay in their domestic environment. Sometimes with the help of a nurse or carer, this equipment means they do not have to live in an old people’s home. Raising awareness of

How Cushions Help the Fight to Prevent Pressure Sores

For those spending a long time in a fixed position, there is a high danger of developing pressure sores. Cushions, mattress toppers and other pads on the site of affected areas of the body can prevent bed sores developing and avoid the pain .

Benefits of Using Shower Seats for Elderly or Disabled People

Whether shower seats for elderly or wheelchair equipment for the disabled, it is important to ensure it has the correct features for purpose. The most important thing is safety.

Development of Modern Crutches

Elbow crutches remain one of the key aids to facilitate mobility after injury. They are common in the UK and throughout the world. Used for centuries, first as the makeshift T-shaped varieties, through V-shaped to modern ‘forearm’ models.