How to uninstall apps from Android 10?

How to uninstall apps from Android 10?

Here We Discussed the New Android 10. In This Blog, We shared how to uninstall apps form android 10. Let's Know the process.

Incredible Facts About Google Pixel 4 Uncovered by Industry Leaders

Incredible Facts About Google Pixel 4 Uncovered by Industry Leaders

Google has different and exceptional goals in contrast to its prior models. To grow that, Google has ever utilized smartphone designs which are awfully obsolete. Just about everybody can agree that Google should step this up and include at least 6GB

The Architecture Of Android Case Study You'll Never Forget

you will be equipped with the basic knowledge you need to explore more sophisticated techniques and tricks for developing your next killer Android application.

Install 9apps And Download The Best Mobile Apps For Your Phone

Earlier before the advent of the internet, the phone used to serve the basic purpose of calling and receiving the calls and delivering the text messages.

Township Mod Apk For Android

In this article, we are discussing about Township Mod Apk For Android, various tips and techniques for earning more profit.

Tips on Hiring an Android Developer

The online developer test is meant to measure the basic android knowledge of a developer, as per the requirements of the employer or business.

Android ScrollView Control

Scrollview is used to define the content on the screen. It provides the platform in which content is adjustable according to the content display in a view.

ImageButton in Android

ImageButton is used to get a response from user onClick event. OnClick event is called through setOnclickListener and followed by OnClickListener with button.

Radio Button in android

 DescriptionBy reading this article you will get a detailed description of a radio button and their purpose for being used Applications. It has two st

Toggle Button In Android

• It is basically a checked/unchecked states when we generated an on/off event. • It is beneficial when the user change between two states. • It produces flashlight indicator when the state is on while off states nothing show such kind of behavior.