How is Microsoft helping Education to grow?

How is Microsoft helping Education to grow?

Since the pandemic has had serious effects on schooling, education professionals have been trying remote and hybrid learning concepts for students. They cannot attend schools due to health hazards but they could learn from the distance effectively. That’s why Microsoft Teams has come up with a solution to cumulate this problem.

It has devised several resources that assist in the learning process and create a more inclusive learning environment. What is Microsoft Teams? It is an exclusive platform built for classroom learning and on-demand resources for training.

Following are listed some ways in which Teams can give an effective learning experience seamlessly:

1. Assignment notifications: specific Teams channels allow the educators to notify the students about their assignments in advance. This feature gives flexibility to the educators to choose the way in which they deliver the assignments to students.

2. Microsoft lists: they are sort of to-do lists or notes for both the teachers and students, for staying organized. They can list assignments, resources, assign responsibilities for group projects, manage schedules, and much more.

3. Spotlight: it is a very thoughtful feature of Teams as it helps the presenter to pin the important video. Whether it is themselves or the students, the video of whoever is speaking is pinned. This gives clarity to the students to focus on the content.

4. Cross-posting Messages: with this resource, it becomes easy for educators to share information all together with multiple classes in a single click. Thus, it saves a lot of time for the teachers by letting them reach multiple Teams channels of students, all at once, and deliver their lesson.

Microsoft helping Education to grow

5. Rubrics: it is used by educators to create customizable and reusable rubrics. It shows the criteria of grading to the students and evaluation techniques to the teachers.

6. Live captions: as the name suggests, this feature creates a real-time caption at the bottom of the screen as the participants talk. They are used by turning on Live Captioning. Students can use it to personalize & customize meetings, which suit their needs. 

7. Reflect: this is a sort of confidential survey that helps the teachers evaluate the emotional learning and feelings of the students. It gives them a regular update about the same and helps them develop better lesson plans, assignments accordingly.

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