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How does WML Work?

Posted by  Awadhendra Tiwari
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  1. How does WML Work?

    The Web request from the phone is first served by the Gateway Server, which generally is provided as part of services from mobile operator's network. However, it is possible to set up a private gateway. The gateway server translates mobile phone requests (WAP) into HTTP requests and sends them to Web server. The Web server processes the request, and sends WML to gateway server, which in turn sends the WML to phone in the binary compressed WML format.

    1. Mobile phone sends a Web request
    2. Wireless Network provider forwards the request to gateway server.
    3. Gateway server sends request to Web server in HTTP format.
    4. Web server accesses data, runs ASP/JSP/CGI Script/… pages and generates WML.
    5. Web server sends WML back to gateway server as HTTP Response.
    6. Gateway server binary compresses WML and sends that to cellular phone as WAP response.
    7. Cell phone displays the content.