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Posted on    March-28-2011 5:36 AM

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Varun Agrawal
Varun Agrawal

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Posted on    March-28-2011 12:00 AM

EXPLAIN is used to display the access path as determined by the optimizer for a SQL statement. It can be used in SPUFI (for single SQL statement ) or in BIND step (for embedded SQL ).

satish yedida
satish yedida

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Posted on    December-27-2012 1:00 AM

Addition to Varun:  Explain utility using several  tables for storing accesspath information. The main tables are :

1. Plan table : It stores the access path information.

2. Dsn statement table : It stores cost estimation information.

3. Dsn function table : It stores user defined function if explain using such functions.

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