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Rahul Roi
Rahul Roi

Yes Sir, of course, I am well-versed with different types of graphic design projects. The 5 most common types of projects are:

The Visual Identity Graphic Design- The Visual elements that establish a brand's identity through images, shapes, and colors.

The Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design- The Designing for marketing and advertisement. For example - Postcards, flyers, print ads, billboards, brochures, etc.

User Interface Graphic Design- The Designing to enhance the user's interaction with devices and applications. And this includes web page design, interface design, app design, etc.

The Motion Graphic Design- Into the designing in-motion graphics like advertisements, animated logos, presentations, tutorial videos, websites, videogames, GIFs, etc.

The Environmental Graphic Design- The designing spaces to make them interesting and memorable. For example- Wall murals, exhibitions, designing conference spaces, stadiums, retail stores, etc.