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Ethan Karla
Ethan Karla

These are some basic difference - between Node Js vs Javascript



The javascript is a scripting(programming) language that is used for writing scripts on the website. Where, the NodeJS is a Javascript runtime environment.
The javascript can only be run on the browsers. The NodeJS code can be run outside the browser.
This is basically used on the client-side. This is mostly used on the server-side.
The javascript is capable enough to add HTML and play with the DOM(Document Object Model). In the Nodejs does not have capability to add HTML tags
The javascript can run in any browser engine as like JS core in safari and SpiderMonkey in Firefox. The Nodejs can only run in V8 engine of google chrome.
The javascript is used in frontend development. The Nodejs is used in server-side development.
The some of the javascript frameworks are RamdaJS, TypedJS, etc. The some of the Nodejs modules are Lodash, express etc. These modules are to be imported from npm.
This is the upgraded version of ECMA script that uses Chrome’s V8 engine written in C++. And the Nodejs is written in C, C++ and Javascript.