Differentiate between Google AdSense and Google AdWords?

Posted by  Nishi Tiwari
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  1. Differentiate between Google AdSense and Google AdWords?

    1. AdWords is used for advertisers or businesses and AdSense is used for publishers or website owners.

    2. The second difference between them is that AdWords is used to buy advertising from Google, whereas AdSense is used to sell advertising space to Google. With AdWords, businesses will pay Google to place their ads on Google’s search and display network. With AdSense, website owners are getting paid by Google to offer precious website real estate for AdWords placements.

    3. The third difference is their Process for Setting Up AdWords and AdSense Are Different

    • To sign up for AdWords, we can set up an account and begin advertising in just minutes. All we need to start is: 

                Our Google Account

                Sign in to AdWords using our email and password

                Set your preferences

    •  To sign up for AdSense, Google requires a bit more information about us and our website. We all need:

              Our website URL


              Account type

             Our name and address

             Phone number