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Posted on    December-20-2010 12:00 AM

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John William
John William

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Posted on    December-20-2010 1:00 AM

What is abstract class?

Mahesh Rawat
Mahesh Rawat

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Posted on    January-06-2011 1:00 AM

Abstract class is a class that can not be instantiated, it exists extensively for inheritance and it must be inherited. There are scenarios in which it is useful to define classes that is not intended to instantiate; because such classes normally are used as base-classes in inheritance hierarchies, we call such classes abstract classes.

Abstract classes cannot be used to instantiate objects; because abstract classes are incomplete, it may contain only definition of the properties or methods and derived classes that inherit this implements it's properties or methods.

Ritesh Behal
Ritesh Behal

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Posted on    February-18-2011 1:00 AM

We can't create object of abstract class and it must be inherited.

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