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Posted on    December-11-2010 12:00 AM

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Akash Tripathi
Akash Tripathi

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Posted on    December-11-2010 1:00 AM

An exe is an executible program. A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a file that can be loaded and executed by programs dynamically.
EXE is a Self Executable File where as DLL is not self executable file,To run DLL file we need a exe file.

krishna bramhadandi
krishna bramhadandi

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Posted on    April-10-2014 12:00 AM

It is Dynamic Link Library that is used as a part of EXE or other DLLs. It cannot be run independently.
It runs in the application process memory, so it is called as in-process component.
It can be reused in an application.
It does not have a main function.

It is an executable file, which can be run independently.
EXE is an out-process component, which means that it runs in a separate process.
It cannot be reused in an application.
It has a main function.


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