What is the Concurrency ?

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  1. What is the Concurrency ?

    Concurrency :

    Concurrency means multiple tasks which start run and complete in overlapping time periods in no specific order. Concurrency is essentially applicable when we talk about minimum two tasks or more. When an   application is capable of executing two tasks virtually at same time, we call it concurrent application. Though here tasks run looks like simultaneously, but essentially they MAY not. 

    They take advantage of CPU time-slicing feature of operating system where each task run part of its task and then go to waiting state. When first task is in waiting state, CPU is assigned to second task to complete it’s part of task. Operating system based on priority of tasks, thus, assigns CPU and other computing resources e.g. memory; turn by turn to all tasks and give them chance to complete. To end user, it seems that all tasks are running in parallel. This is called concurrency.