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Prakash nidhi Verma
Prakash nidhi Verma

The Internet is an open for all public space, while an intranet is designed to be a private space use.Intranet may be accessible from the Internet, but it is protected by a password and accessible only to authorized users. 


Difference between internet and intranet : 


- Internet is wide network of computers and is open for all.

- Internet makes through many large number of intranets.

- The number of users of internet is Unlimited.

- The Visitors traffic in internet is unlimited.

- it contains different source of information and is open for all.


- A network designed by computers like internet for a specific group of users is Intranet.

- Intranet can be accessed from Internet but with restricted by authorized user.

- The number of users is limited in intranet.

- The traffic allowed is also limited than internet.

- Intranet contains only specific group information and data source.