Discuss ADO.NET Data provider?

Last updated:9/19/2020 4:39:05 AM

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Sunil Singh
Sunil Singh

There are different Ado.net Data providers. These are as follows 

SQL Server: It is used to work specifically with Microsoft SQL Server. It exists in a namespace within the System.Data.SqlClient. 

OLE DB: OleDb is used to work with the OLEDB provider. We use System.Data.dll assembly to implements the OLEDB .NET framework data provider in the System.Data.OleDb namespace. 

ODBC ado.net provider: You must use ODBC driver for using ODBC. The System.Data.ODBC.dll assembly implements the ODBC .NET framework data provider. The System.Data.ODBC assembly is not part of the Visual Studio .NET installation. 

Oracle data provider: For using Oracle data provider we use System.Data.OracleClient.dll assembly then it implements the Oracle .NET framework data provider in the System.Data.OracleClient namespace.  Oracle client software must be installed on the system before you can use the provider to connect to an Oracle data source.