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Posted on    September-22-2016 6:41 AM

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Abhishek Srivasatava
Abhishek Srivasatava

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Posted on    September-22-2016 6:41 AM

Strongly Names Assembly

When the assembly is attached to the unique digital signature, then such assembly is called as strongly named assembly. These assemblies are very secure as compare to non-attached with unique digital structure. It provides the surety to the programmer that assembly which programmer is received from a secured source. It also solve the problem of dll hell.

Once we define the unique digital signature cannot be regenerated in future hence strongly named assembly is very secure.

The developer can't make the strongly named assembly from them self. The compiler takes the below information and create the strongly named assembly:

  • Sequence of byte composing assembly
  • Simple name
  • Version name
  • Culture information
  • Public and private key pair.  User need to create a folder for this part, but if we forgot to create then the compiler will create the file. If we create our folder, then we need perform the following steps:

  • ·         Under properties of the project
  • ·         We need to select signing tab
  • ·         Then select Sign assembly check box and then we need to give the location of the key file.

If we perform above three step then compile our program, then Strongly named assembly will generate.

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