Can anyone tell me about Hadoop Toolbox

Last updated:9/21/2020 5:53:08 PM

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Mark Devid
Mark Devid

Hadoop Tools are following:


Look for the product Adaptive Analytical Platform, which delivers an ANSI SQL compliant query engine to Hadoop. Hadapt enables interactive query processing on huge data sets (Hadapt Interactive Query), and the Hadapt Development Kit (HDK) lets us create advanced SQL analytic functions for marketing campaign analysis, full text search, customer sentiment analysis (seeing whether comments are happy or sad, for example), pattern matching, and predictive modelling.


 Karmasphere provides a collaborative work environment for the analysis of big data that includes an easy-to-use interface with self-service access. The environment enables us to create projects that other authorized users can access. We can use a personalized home page to manage projects, monitor activities, schedule queries, view results, and create visualizations.