Use of QLC with Mnesia in Erlang programming.

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    Use of QLC with Mnesia in Erlang programming.

    QLC stands for 'Query List Comprehension' which is used with Mnesia database, to enhance the operational ability of Mnesia. QLC having our own documentation as a part of the OTP documentation set.
    Main features of QLC with Mnesia are as follows:

    QLC is used to optimize the query compiler for Mnesia Database. and for making Mnesia DBMS more efficient.
    QLC is used like a database programming language for Mnesia and it includes a notation called "list comprehensions" and can be used to make complex database queries over a set of tables.

    QLC Syntax: [Expression || Qualifier1, Qualifier2, ...]
    Expression - it is an Erlang expression (template)
    Qualifiers -  these are the filters (erlang expressions) or generators (List Expressions)

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