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Posted on    January-01-2016 11:44 PM

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Tarun Kumar

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Posted on    January-02-2016 12:44 AM

QLPreviewController class or Quick Look Preview Controller provides us facility to previewing an item. For displaying a QLPreviewController we have 2 options:
- by pushing it into view using a UINavigationController object. OR
- by presenting it modally, fullScreen using the presentModalViewController:animated: method of its parent class(UIViewController).

We can use preview controller to display previews for following items:
- Images,
- PDF files,
- Rich Text Format(RTF) documents,
- MSOffice documents(Office'97 and newer),
- iWork documents,
- Comma-separated value(csv) files

In iOS QLPreviewController class is available in the QuickLook.framework, so it is mandatory to import that framework for using features of QLPreviewController class.

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