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Posted on    October-27-2015 12:32 AM

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Tarun Kumar

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Posted on    October-27-2015 12:32 AM

Cocoa provides predefined number of generic exceptions. NSException.h file provides the generic exception names and all of these exception names are string constants.

Here is some of generic exception names:

-          NSGenericException

-          NSRangeException

-          NSInvalidArgumentException

-          NSObjectInaccessibleException

-          NSObjectNotAvailableException

-          NSDestinationInvalidException

-          NSPortTimeoutException

-          NSInvalidSendPortException

-          NSInvalidReceivePortException and more…

Some subsystems of Cocoa defines their own exception names like:

-          NSInconsistentArchiveException

-          NSFileHandleOperationException

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