What is the difference between web service and remoting?

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    What is the difference between web service and remoting?

    • Web services may be accessed using HTTP only. Remoting objects may be accessed over any protocol like TCP, SMTP and HTTP etc.
    • Web services are stateless whereas Remoting supports for both stateless and with state environment which is achieved using singleton and singlecall activation.
    • ASP.Net provides good support to create web services. They are easy to deploy. In comparison, Remoting is little bit complex.
    • Web services may be considered very reliable due to the fact that they are hosted on IIS. But in Remoting if IIS is not used then methods like plumbing have to be used to ensure the application reliability.
    • Using Web services only a limited number of types may be serialized (XML). Using Remoting, objects like SOAP object, Binary objects and XML objects may be serialized.
    • In .Net when we create an application that consumes a web service, the web service may or mayn’t be built using .Net. But while implementing Remoting in .Net both the applications must be built in .Net.