What is a Delegate?

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    What is a Delegate?

    A delegate is a form of type-safe function pointer used by the .NET Framework. Delegates specify a method to call and optionally an object to call the method on. They are used, among other things, to implement callbacks and event listeners. It encapsulates a reference of a method inside a delegate object. The delegate object can then be passed to code which can call the referenced method, without having to know at compile time which method will be invoked.

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    What is a Delegate?

    Delegates are similar to object references, but are used to reference methods instead of objects. The type of a delegate is type or signature of the method rather than class. Hence a delegate has three properties:
      The type or signature of the method that the delegate can point to
      The delegate reference which can we used to reference a method
      The actual method referenced by the delegate