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Posted on    September-10-2012 5:57 AM

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Arun Singh

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Posted on    September-10-2012 12:00 AM

We can create sandbox solution for particular site but not for the entire site collection or farm. It is not applicable for farm solution. There are some restriction while creating the sandbox solution.

hanmandlu vasani

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Posted on    March-09-2016 11:55 PM

Sandbox Solution: (VS2010)
scope limited web and site level
runs under user code process (SPUCWorker process.exe)
runwithelavatedprivilegesis not possible
solutions can be deployed by site collection administrators
solutions get deployed to solution gallery
resource throttling can be set for each solution
Farm Solution(VS2013)
At all level scopes of artifacts can be developed
Forms solutions are hosted in IIS worker process (w3wsp.exe) 
Full trust solutions
These solutions are form level solutions needs to be installed by farm administrators
solutions will get deployed to solutions store
solutions will use the server resources and cannot set the throttling for resource usage 

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