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ezra heywood
ezra heywood

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Posted on    June-04-2013 1:47 AM

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Hi Guys,

In my application I want to get notified when the instance of the application is deleted.

Even though I can easily get what I am asking simply by googling, I can't find anything useful to me. May be the synonym i'm using deleting the app instance (deleting the app from the list shown at the bottom of the screen when double-clicking the home button in iPad and I'm looking for the UIAppdelegate method called in response to that action).

Is there a way of knowing this?
Your help is a great appreciated. 


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Posted on    June-05-2013 8:33 AM

Hi Ezra,

This is when your app gets killed, either by the user (removing from the task bar) or by the system, to reclaim memory. There's no callback for it. You never get informed that it's going to happen or has happened.

I hope it helpful for you.

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