Grid in Sencha Touch.

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Hi Expert!

How to display grid view in Sencha Touch 2.2. I'm have less knowledge about Sencha Touch Application. I have search it on Google and Sencha Touch Forum, but that's not resolve my problem! I want to display data in grid such that ASP.Net GridView. 

Please help.
Your help is greatly appreciated.
  1. Re: Grid in Sencha Touch.

    Hi Chintoo Semi,

    Sencha Touch does not provide any in-built control for GRIDVIEW but you have an option to use GridView by using Ext.ux.touch.grid extension.

    Ext.ux.touch.grid is the namespace and like the new namespacing Sencha Touch 2 and Ext JS 4 started, I followed with this.

    The main class is Ext.ux.touch.grid.View which is just a customized DataView. It supports having a header and of course all the rows. You can have cell renderers (uses XTemplate's renderers instead of any processData method).

    For more details on Sencha Touch GridView, check out the following link:

    Hopefully it might be resolve your problem.


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