how to use summernote minimum length validation

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some time we need to minlength validation in input field then we set minlength value. but if i am useing  summernote editor then how to validation minlength. 

  1. Re: how to use summernote minimum length validation

    Please  read this example to solve  summernote minLength problem.

      $("#frmcontent").submit(function () {
          var  minLength     =100;
           var editorContent = $('#summernote').val();  
                var editorDecodeVal = deEncode(editorContent).trim();
                var contentMinLength = editorDecodeVal.length;
                if (contentMinLength < minLength) {
                   alert("Enter content minimum of " + minLength + " characters!!!");
                    return false;

    I hope it will help to you.

      Modified On Sep-11-2019 01:59:40 AM


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