How is JavaScript different from Java ?

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    As we should know, JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape; and while Java was developed at Sun Microsystems. Whereas these languages share some common syntax, they were developed severally of every alternative and for various audiences. Java could be a full-fledged programing language tailored for network computing; it includes many its own objects, together with objects for making user interfaces that seem in Java applets (in internet browsers) or standalone Java applications. In distinction, JavaScript depends on no matter surroundings it's operative sure the computer program, like an online document’s kind parts.

    When Netscape developed JavaScript, it was named LiveScript, not JavaScript. The licensing deal between Netscape and Sun at the last minute let Netscape plug the "Java" name into the name of its scripting language. Computer programmers use entirely different tools for Java language and JavaScript. This is also not uncommon for a programmer of one language to be ignorant of the other. These languages don't rely on each other and are intended for different purposes. Sometimes, the "Java" name on JavaScript has confused the world's understanding of the differences between the two. Whereas On the other hand, JavaScript is much easier to learn than Java and can offer a gentle introduction for newcomers who want to graduate to Java and the kinds of applications you can develop with it.

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