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How to move between panels in Sencha touch

Posted by  ezra heywood
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Hi Everyone!

When moving between panels I get the following error [WARN][Ext.Component#constructor] Registering a component with a id (`logOutButton`) which has already been used. Please ensure the existing component has been destroyed (`Ext.Component#destroy()`. 
I can go back to the previous screen but the cannot go forward again without getting the above error.
To combat this I have tried using the code below, but it does not work. Can anyone help me out?

var loginView = Ext.getCmp('login');
      loginView = Ext.create('com.view.Login');

I also tried:



Neither of these work and result in the same error and a blank screen. I am using Sencha Touch 2.

Your help is great appreciated.
  1. Re: How to move between panels in Sencha touch

    Hi Ezra!

    We can simply use following line to navigate from one panel to another..

    Ext.Viewport.animateActiveItem({ xtype: "cat" }, { type: "slide", direction: "up" });
    here, xtype is that we can define for the panel we want to display, like this...,

    Ext.define('BeLocal.view.LeftCurveList', {
           extend: 'Ext.Panel',
           **xtype: 'cat',**
           config: {
           items: [
                   xtype: 'toolbar',
                   docked: 'top',
                   width: '100%',
                   title: 'BeLocal Places',
                          xtype: 'button',
                          ui: 'back',
                          text: 'Back',

      Modified On Mar-30-2018 01:21:51 AM