Facebook connect and account remove

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Hi All!

I have a website where users can log in with the Facebook oAuth API.

Once the user logs in or registers via Facebook it is stored in my database.

But what I'd like to achieve is, once the user goes to his Facebook application settings page and removes my website app permissions, the used should also be deleted 

from my database.

Is there any work around to this problem, if this is not possible via the Facebook oAuth API?

Please help!
Thanks in advance! 
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    Re: Facebook connect and account remove

    Hi Jeet!

    You can add deauthorise Callback URL by Navigating to Settings > Advanced section of your application. Whenever a User deauthorises your Facebook app, Facebook performs a HTTP POST of signed request to your URL. You may use the field user_id to determine which User has deauthorised your app.



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