Apply CSS with AJAX Control

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How to apply CSS with AJAX control?
Like Calendar Extendar..
  1. Re: Apply CSS with AJAX Control

    we apply CSS with calender extender we change on particular item like

    1. .ajax__calendar_container (this is used for change the value of ajax container)
    2. .ajax__calendar_header (this is used for change in the header of calender)
    3. .ajax__calendar_title
    4. .ajax__calendar_body
    5. .ajax__calendar_day
    6. .ajax__calendar_dayname
    7. .ajax__calendar_hover .ajax__calendar_day (this is used on mouseover)

      .cssCal .ajax__calendar_title
    </style> ... .. <body> <asp:calender cssclass="cssCal"/>
    apply and check it

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