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Takeshi Okada
Takeshi Okada

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Posted on    May-11-2013 3:16 AM

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Hi Expert!

I want a jQuery snippet for changing color of a button on condition--> I am using woocommerce with WordPress. What I want is : if there is Cart item is 0 then I want 

to show red color and if any item in cart then the button goes green

Please Help!

Thanks In Advance


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Posted on    May-11-2013 9:59 AM

Hi Takeshi!

Put your item number in a div/span and give an id. For example I took 'item_container' is the id of that div then:

   var item_nu = $('#item_container').html().parseInt();
       //write your code here to make the button red
       //write your code here to make the button green

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