Scrollbottom js not working in Firefox, Chrome, Safari

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Hi Mindstickians!

I've used scrollbottom javascript with JQuery (1.3.2/jquery.min.js) to scroll to a particular div in the below of the page. It is working fine in IE 8 & 9 but it this 

functionility is not working in Firefox, Chrome, Safari. I mean scrolling functionality is working but the div text is not showing. I used like:

<a href="#about">About Us</a>   Top div

<a name="about">Description</a>  Bottom div
Any idea to make it workable in Firefox. Appreciate for your kind advice. 

Thank you.

  1. Re: Scrollbottom js not working in Firefox, Chrome, Safari

    Hi Marcel!

    Try as following!

    I don't see in the Fiddle above the code for scrolling down, but you can try like in this Fiddle. But that's correct, you should use the latest jQuery version.

    What I added in the JS:

    $('#firstdiv').on("click", function(){
        $('html, body').animate({"scrollTop" : $(document).height() - $(window).height()});


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