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NO ajax request is happening in jstree

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to get sub nodes (in my case sub categories) on clicking in the parent nodes (categories). But I can see no ajax request is happening in my case. I have 

used the solution from this website - ( Here is my jstree code below -

  * menu tree generation
.bind("open_node.jstree", function (e, data) { // this binding will collapse all nodes whenever user expands any single node
data.rslt.obj.siblings().filter(".jstree-open").each(function () {
    "json_data": {
        "ajax": {
            "url": base_url + "draw/get_child"
    "types": { // this will let user to expand or collapse node by clicking on the node title
    "types": {
        "default": {
            "select_node": function (e) {
                return false;
    "core": {
    "html_titles": true,
        "load_open": true
    "plugins": ["themes", "json_data", "html_data", "types", "ui"],
    "themes": {
    "theme": "apple",
        "dots": true,
        "icons": true
the html part is below -

<div class="" id="menu_tree" style="width: 500px;z-index: 1; float: right;position: relative;">
                          <ul class="" style="position: absolute;top: 0px;left: 0px;">
                               if (!empty($parent_categories)) {
                                    foreach ($parent_categories as $parent_categories) {
                                         <li id="cat<?php echo $parent_categories->objcat_id; ?>">
                                              <a href="#" class=""><?php echo $parent_categories->category_name; ?></a>

I am only loading parent nodes for the first time, all child nodes should load by user click on the parent nodes.

if i use "html_data" rather than "json_data" then a request occurs and i can see a loading gif but then i get this error "Uncaught Error: NotFoundError: DOM Exception 

8", but if i use "json_data" then nothing just happens, no ajax request in the firebug.

i can't understand what's wrong i am doing... Any solution please? 

Thank you in advance!
Last updated:4/15/2013 7:45:16 AM

1 Answers


Hi Goti!

Replace existing code from below line of code as following

"json_data" : { "ajax" : { "url" : function (node) {


"json_data" : { "ajax" : { cache:false, "url" : function (node) {

Last updated:4/15/2013 7:45:16 AM