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CSS float proprerty issue ( guidence )

Hi Everyone!

I need some help figuring out why my layout is messy. Here is what i was working on :The Site . The green box should be inside the purple box. I think there is a floating issue. Since i don't fully understand the float rules can someone help me identify the problem and suggest some good "old" documentation reading ?

Thank you!
Last updated:4/8/2013 8:07:11 AM

2 Answers


Hi Takeshi!

Float removes the item from the document flow.

Add an empty <div> or <span> and give it the CSS clear: both;. This will make the div clear the floated element and it's parent will then expand to the full height.

Vijay Shukla
Vijay Shukla

Hi Takeshi!

try as below, hope it help you!

 content: ".";
 clear: left;
 visibility: hidden;