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Takeshi Okada
Takeshi Okada

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Posted on    April-08-2013 2:58 AM


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Hi Everyone!

I need some help figuring out why my layout is messy. Here is what i was working on :The Site . The green box should be inside the purple box. I think there is a floating issue. Since i don't fully understand the float rules can someone help me identify the problem and suggest some good "old" documentation reading ?

Thank you!


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Posted on    April-08-2013 7:53 AM

Hi Takeshi!

Float removes the item from the document flow.

Add an empty <div> or <span> and give it the CSS clear: both;. This will make the div clear the floated element and it's parent will then expand to the full height.

Vijay Shukla

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Posted on    April-08-2013 8:07 AM

Hi Takeshi!

try as below, hope it help you!

 content: ".";
 clear: left;
 visibility: hidden;

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