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Samuel Fernandes
Samuel Fernandes

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Posted on    March-08-2013 4:07 AM


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Hi Expert!

I have one checkbox that checked and unchecked on description click.

 My code as par below

<input type="checkbox" id="chkId" />
<label for="chkId">Check</label>

It work fine with all browsers besides Mozilla (all version), when user click continue on checkbox's description (Mozilla) and on Internet Explorer 10, it work slowly, when user

clicked and unchecked.   Why? This is very irritable. 

Please give me solution that (checkbox) work properly on all browsers.

Please help me!

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Posted on    March-09-2013 8:41 AM

Hi Samuel!

I tried that and it worked on Firefox for me.  Make a bare html file with just the mark-up you've posted and nothing else (apart from html and body of course) and see if it works.

On Internet Explorer 10, it slow, because IE-10 provide own checkbox format. But there is no big issue.

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