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C#.Net case-insensitive string

Posted by  Chintoo Semi
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Hi Expert!

A quick and simple question...

Why does C#.Net allow the declaration of the string object to be case-insensitive?

String sHello = "Hello";
string sHello = "Hello";
Both the lower-case and upper-case S of the word String are acceptable and this seems to be the only object that allows this.

Can anyone explain why?

  1. Re: C#.Net case-insensitive string

    Hi Chintoo!

    Read below line carefully, that remove your doubt between "string" and "String" 

    "string" is a language keyword while "System.String" is the type it aliases.

    Both compile to exactly the same thing, similarly:

    int is System.Int32
    long is System.Int64
    float is System.Single
    double is System.Double
    char is System.Char
    byte is System.Byte
    short is System.Int16
    ushort is System.UInt16
    uint is System.UInt32
    ulong is System.UInt64

    I think in most cases this is about code legibility - all the basic system value types have aliases, I think the lower case string might just be for consistency.

  1. Re: C#.Net case-insensitive string

    Hi Chintoo,

    string and String are equivalent in C#.

    Hope the below link might help you understand


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