What is JAVA?

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Java is an object-oriented programming language.

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    Java is a programming language.

    • It is a platform independent, highly secure, robust, flexible, portable, object-oriented programming language.
    • Program written in Java offer Portable in a network: - In Java, Source code compiled into byte code that can be run into any network.
    • Java is objected oriented: - An object is made up of attributes and code as a method.
    • Java is robust: - Java objects do not contain any reference of data.
    • Java is secure: - Java has not used a pointer (address of next field).
    • Developers can easily understand.

    Edition of Java:- 

    • J2SE- Java Simple Edition.
    • J2EE-Enterprises Edition.
    • J2ME- Java Micro Edition.
    • J Fax- rich on the internet.

    History of Java:-

    • It was created in 1995 by Green’s Teams. Leader of the green team is James Gossling.
    • James Gossling was also called a father of java.
       How to install java on Windows: 

    Steps are:-

    • Go to "System Properties" (Can be found on Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings)
    •  Click on the "Environment variables" button under the "Advanced" tab
    •  Then, select the "Path" variable in System variables and click on the "Edit" button
    •  Click on the "New" button and add the path where Java is installed, followed by \bin. By default, Java is installed in C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.1 (If nothing else was specified when you installed it). In that case, You will have to add a new path with C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.1\bin
    • Then, click "OK", and save the settings
    • At last, open Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and type java -version to see if Java is running on your machine.

    Java Syntax:-

    Class name.java

    Where .java is the extension.


    Public class student
    Public static void main (String args[])
    System.out.println (“Hello India”);


    Hello India

    Where Student is the class name.

    Java Data Types:-

    There are two parts of the data type are;

    •  The primitive Data type (non-user defined):- int, char, float, double, short, etc.
    •  Non-Primitive Data Type (user defined):- String, Arrays, Classes.

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