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Hi every one

I'm using the Foundation framework and I want to make a navigation which takes 100% width of the grid class.

I have 3 divs: .header_beg, .header_rep, .header_end 

.header_beg is 2px width, float: left and the .header_end also 

But I want header_rep to be 1px width and to repeat-x till it fills 100% of the grid class. But it also need it to be float: left, but with float: left it's not visible. I haven't set width because I want it to be 100% of the grid class. 

background: red;
height: 49px;
margin-left: 2px;

 I need the green divs to be at the beginning and at the end of the red one, and simultaneously the 3 divs to be 100% width of the grid class.

 Thanks in advanced

  1. Re: floating div 100% width

    Hi Tanuj Kumar

    You sould try below code

    <div id="div1">
    <div id="div2">
        <div id="left"></div>
        <div id="right"></div>
    #div1 {display:table;width:600px;height:30px;}
    #div2 {display:table-row;width:600px;height:30px;}
    #left {display:table-cell; width:15px;}
    #right {display:table-cell; width:auto;}

    important there is no floating! because the table display floats the cells automatically. i didnt test the code hope works.

      Modified On Mar-29-2018 06:04:47 AM


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