What is ID Selector?

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Hi Maidstickians

Can you tell me what is ID Selector in css?

Thanks in advance.
  1. Re: What is ID Selector?

    Hi Ashish Pandey,

    ID selector is an individually identified (named) selector to which a specific style is declared. Using the ID attribute the declared style can then be associated with one and only one HTML element per document as to differentiate it from all other elements. ID selectors are created by a character # followed by the selector's name. The name can contain characters a-z, A-Z, digits 0-9, period, hyphen, escaped characters, Unicode characters 161-255, as well as any Unicode character as a numeric code; however, they cannot start with a dash or a digit.

    #abc123 {color: red; background: black}

    <P ID=abc123>

    This and only this element can be identified as abc123



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