Is CSS case sensitive?

Posted by  jayprakash sharma
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Hi every one

Can any one tell me, CSS is case sensitive?

Thanks in advance.
  1. Re: Is CSS case sensitive?

    Hello Jayprakash sharma

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is not case sensitive. However, font families, URLs to images, and other direct references with the style sheet may be. The trick is that if you write a document using an XML declaration and an XHTML doctype, then the CSS class names will be case sensitive for some browsers. It is a good idea to avoid naming classes where the only difference is the case, for example: div.myclass { ...} div.myClass { ... } If the DOCTYPE or XML declaration is ever removed from your pages, even by mistake, the last instance of the style will be used, regardless of case.

    I hope it remove your doubts.